Beach Condo-Hotel Listings

Income Producing Beach Condo-Hotels

image of the cabanas on the sand at Clearwater Beach Florida

Condo-hotels are like condos but operate like a hotel. Located in popular tourist destinations, those in our area are on, or near, thebeach. Condo-hotels provide ownership in a vacation condo that generates revenue to help offset expenses. Unlike traditional condos, condo-hotels have onsite rental management, can be rented overnight, and offer maid service. Some, but not all, have hotel-like amenities such as restaurants and fitness centers.

Designed for vacation stays, square footage tends to be smaller than traditional condos. The smallest are studios the size of a hotel room. Condo-hotels typically contain restrictions on the number of days per year an owner can use it, due to zoning regulations or the rental management agreement so they are not suitable for use as a primary residence.

Condo-hotels are not to be confused with timeshare condos. Condo-hotel owners have a deed to the property giving sole ownership to the unit. Condo-hotels are not timeshares.

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